Smoke Long Stories

The Square (Day 175: 30/04/13)

We pass an open space with lights and large ads while on a city bus. Devon asks if it’s Times Square. I let out a single breath laden laugh. “Oh, you’ll know when it’s Times Square.”


Our feet only know to move forward, one after another. Devon comments on my earlier note and laughs herself. Eric has been quiet for some time while his eyes scan the abrupt horizon of loud sights. “The M&M store! Who told me about that?” I’d love a tour of his head. I think there would be a large central pipe to his heart. Similar to the Mona Lisa in the Louvre. I would look in the other galleries though. It might be a lot like if Owen Sound had their own Times Square. Nothing would have a brand, just honesty, but it would remain big, random, and enthralling. Times Square might actually be nice if it had a heart pipe. We keep walking and I catch up on what will be the summer Blockbusters. I think Devon and Eric are overwhelmed. I know I am.

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