Smoke Long Stories

Nine Days (Day 174: 29/04/13)

The air felt brisk as we approached Newport, Rhode Island. All six of us were on deck. Hector uses his voice to tell of current and past owners of the impressive mansions that lined the shores. Summer homes for the upper echelon of Boston and New York City; unknown destinations for this traveler. Nine days at sea were to be put away to the back shelves of our minds. We were left to think of ground on which we would soon walk. Lines were thrown and fenders squeezed with force that was not felt. Like a train come to track’s end. Customs arrives, a solid woman with the kindest smile. We’re passed. Each at our own pace make our way from boat to dock to concrete land. The taste of Pale Ale, at last flavour, runs to my head. A simple monument to completion.

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