Smoke Long Stories

Horseshoes (Day 166: 21/04/13)

Minutes after parking Bob’s boat I walk the docks of St. Maarten looking for signs of life. Most boats are empty and this is as far as my planning has taken me. I’ve managed to talk to three captains, all who have politely declined my help. I continue walking and spot two twentysomething guys atop a massive boom. I admire the boat. “The captain will be back in about thirty. Come back then and we may be able to help you out.”


I’ve just talked to another captain to receive another expected no when I hear my name from behind. His name is Skip, the captain I am supposed to meet. He tells me a sixth crew member would be perfect for their delivery. They leave for Rhode Island USA, roughly 1500 nautical miles, in a few hours. My brain starts to tingle.

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