Smoke Long Stories

Shaw Bros. (Day 164: 19/04/13)

Another new boat. The Shaw brothers: Bob and Roy, respectively 71 and 70. We need to beat the weather so we are quick to raise the sails and move north to St. Barthemely. It will be an overnight passage. The winds take no rest at 20 to 25 knots and this grants us little to no sleep. Alas, the ride does not offer exhaustion, in reality I take in the wind and cold with excitement. This sailing requires attention: strong eyes and mind. The wind gives us something by remaining constant so adjustments are sparing. Few word are exchanged during the night. Energy is left for sailing. Stars find their way through the clouds at moments, but the scene is painted a stark grey. I breath in the heavy gusts of wind and hold. We’ll be there with the sunrise.

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