Smoke Long Stories

Chef (Day 149: 04/04/13)

We sit atop Tara II with a view of the marina. I’m getting a general restlessness to leave this place, but this moment is a well received exception. I hold tongs in my right hand as I watch the charred chicken wings cook on the small barbecue. It’s heated by charcoal. Ian goes on about something inane and Richard and Julie exchange looks. The chicken is going to be good once it is cooked through. My belly awaits as I turn and arrange each piece. Richard makes a comment about how this is what boating life is all about. I agree, but I can’t help think of open water. Escape from this grid. The two dogs are sitting, waiting for chicken scraps; they don’t care where they are. I guess I’m preoccupied with food too.  Schizophrenic music blares from the nearest bar on the boardwalk as smoke from the barbecue whirls around. Just a little bit longer and they’ll be ready.

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