Smoke Long Stories

Build-up (Day 146: 01/04/13)

It’s a funny thing how tension builds. One moment you are making jokes to release it and with a few well placed words you’re standing at either side of a table challenging your opponent to hit you. Both bodies move rapidly with electricity and in the same instance they appear nearly static. That rattle up one’s spine. Flee, freeze, flight? I remain seated. I look from one set of eyes to the other seeing the anger, trying to vocalize the stupidity of the situation without getting hit myself. I’m not being heard. All of their respected five senses are being directed at one point in space; the first strike. Shit, I’m going to have to put myself in-between this. Then for some reason everything subsides. They both sit down, a word is exchanged, and then one leaves. I have remained sitting in the same court-side seat. I sigh and start to attempt to understand what has happened as the one that is still around begins to trash talk the other.

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