Smoke Long Stories

Alongside (Day 123: 09/03/13)

I minded the gash I had created on my foot a few days before as I donned the first flipper on my right foot. If anything the salt would help clean the wound. The next was put on without a though. With my mask on I let myself drop into Windex water. Gravity shifted and I began to swim. It took only seconds to find the first sea turtle. The Green Turtle grazed the bottom through a blanket of eel grass, thinly spread about like first snow. I could only make vague guesses at its age. The animal that won big in regards to the worlds wasted struggle against death. You could tell the topic was of no concern as it continued to dine. Barring being made into soup, if let be this large turtle could live over a hundred years. I dived down and a gentle chase ensued. It flew while my legs felt the water’s resistance making my muscles feel sweet. There were no intentions to touch, only to gain the permission to be alongside, a specter. In an instant I become a man again as my brain tells me to push the carbon dioxide out of my lungs. I rush to the surface and break it with little grace. I take in a deep breath, pause, and enter back into foreign lands.

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