Smoke Long Stories

The German (Day 111: 25/02/13)

Sam and I sit in the ferry office in the early morning waiting for Miguel’s arrival. My departure time and date is increasingly elusive. As I sit on the hard metal bench scanning the maps that hang on the walls I think I see a large backpack moving across the street though the glass door. I laugh in my head at the idea of another tourist in this town. It was only a glimpse anyhow. Soon after the backpack’s owner enters the office. It is almost as if the second he sees me he can sense I am getting to leave early. That I won’t be having to take the once a week, $115USD, Wednesday ferry. My exception needs to be his exception too. The situation start to become complicated the moment he starts to ask questions. I’ve never been able to lie.


I catch Miguel outside, alone, around 3:30pm. We’ve been waiting the entire day in the company office. He’s been avoiding both the German and me all day. He’s already told Johannes twice to take the ferry on Wednesday like everyone else, but the traveler is refusing to hear no. I’m realizing this might lead to me losing my seat very soon. Miguel has been reminded that he has a business to run, tickets to sell. Right before I find Miguel, I plainly tell the German that I believe he is going to ruin both our chances if he continues. He stays seated. Outside Miguel tells me, not to worry, I am good, the other guy won’t be coming, and he’ll take my passport with him to bring it to immigration.


I arrive at the warehouse right before dark. Sam comes running out asking where I’ve been. While I’ve been away much has unfolded behind the stage curtains. Miguel had had no authority to send me to Trinidad. His rival brother, the real boss of the ferry company, has become privy to my existence after meeting the pleading German in his office. He now has no intention of letting me come on the boat heading to Trinidad the next day. Alas, now the German has paid his way over with a lump sum and is going instead of me. I thank Sam for the update and briskly leave to the offices.


God bless the people who have taught me of calm word and reason. Trinidad tomorrow.

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