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Farewell (Day 96: 10/02/13)

We looked over the Manifesto and the goals we had written down early in our journey together. Then we looked at one another with proud eyes. Our last meal as a trio, con cervezas naturally. As if tradition, it was yet another meal that we wearily combed through for peanuts trying to avoid a third ER trip that would be even more inconvenient considering the flight that needed to be caught. All we had to do was avoid shrimp. The setting was a classic scenario: on the street corner in plastic chairs while strays zig-zag through tables and untranslatable actions happen all around. I’ll be left in Manaus while Gabe returns to Halifax and Dan continues onto Mexico to polish up his Spanish (“pero”). We laugh as we reminisce about your time together and take no hesitation in telling each other that we love one another as glasses chime that all too familiar tone. I’ll realize as I have realized many times during the past week how sad I’ll be to have these two kind faces absent from my adventures, but I am quickly comforted by the last five weeks of memories. Thank you Dan and Gabe, you are both amazing friends.

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