Smoke Long Stories

New Giant (Day 95: 09/02/13)

I think back to my nights on the open ocean and then those in the desert. How I felt in relation to these giants. I was small in both, but one forced me to think out and the other in. Now I sleep in the jungle, a new god. It creaks and moans, weighed down by the sheer amount of life that climbs upon its strong shoulders. Swift tied ropes to bound his giant causing the mammoth man to struggle. These jungles realize the nature of these ropes and the important relationships they hold together. I am aware of my connection as well. The jungle forces this emotion onto me as I listen to the cacophony of sounds around me, my sense of hearing only heightened by the fact that I am in complete darkness. It’s as if I hold between my hand a million shoestrings, all connected to the life around me. To a monkey’s tail, the branch of an old tree whose leaves stir, or to an underground beetle unaware of the night’s existence  The unavoidable feeling of being attached to every single thing in the jungle is overwhelming. A new reaction to a new space. Equally as humbling as those landscapes whose womb I took rest in before.

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