Smoke Long Stories

Catch (Day 93: 07/02/13)

Victory! Four piranhas hooked on the end of a homemade rod. Another two caught by Dan, including the first, and the biggest catch of the day by Gabe. The three Hungarians and single Brit have no such luck. The wooden boat we find ourselves in slowly leaks allowing the water of the Amazon to molest the ends of our toes. Each time a freshly caught piranha is accidentally dropped into the hull not a soul take their eyes off their feet, yet we never cease to feel the nibbles on our bait. Raw meat hangs off the ends of hooks, sometimes to disappear without our consent. I can’t help feel proud having the largest catch. Gabe and my thoughts rest in the comfort of cold beers to come, beers we’ve just won from Dan. I believe this is why man loves to gamble.

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