Smoke Long Stories

Riverboat (Day 91: 05/02/13)

Hammocks strung above other hammocks. Colours straying from the classic scheme of ROY G BIV. I lay in my own leering out onto the shores. Dan hangs to my left, along with Alex, an old acquaintance from Berlin. On my right, Gabe, and new friend Andrew, winemaker and ex-politic. Books by Vonnegut, Davis, Conrad, among others, are splayed open for eyes. Too many naps throughout the days. Bad jokes and unending existential ramblings. Life of the passenger on a riverboat. The particular vessel putters down a tributary of the Amazon River bound for Manuas, the past Paris of the Amazon. It’s day four and our hunger is bored by the ever constant chicken, rice, beans, and noodle combination. However cachaca keeps nights interesting on the top deck. Andrew shines a flashlight at pretty girls and the locals make silly fantasies of five white boys on foreign travels. Things are hot and sticky and the children are loud as they run about the decks. A blind man stands in a corner by the men’s washroom playing Michael Jackson out of a personal jukebox. My mind wanders back to hammocks. My legs are asleep again, I shift my weight. Much better.

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