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[In my first day in La Paz, Bolivia my sidebag was stolen. The contents of the bag, in order of importance, were: my journal, my camera, amazingly versatile $50 poncho, my Spanish notes, and all my books. The blog will look a little different as a result of this. First, January’s stories are lost. Second, no more photographs. I am ready to write again though, and this a good thing. Even more important most of these items were just material, my friends and myself did not get hurt in the process. “Life is loving and letting go.”]

January, in some order of timely occurrence:

Kind and generous officers on a New Year. Bumby boat, bruised ass, poem written (“A Hurt Bum for Gabe & Dan“), beer owed. Bus, bus, bus. 2am “filthy and glorious.” New travel companions named Gabe & Dan. Dan turns 23. Hot springs and cow chasing. Old city with 1st ER first. “We’ll be Fiona’s heroes!” Surfing under tiger-striped skies. Lima come with upsetting news, but healing in fun fountains. Crazy ruins and sex crazed guide. La Paz where the journal ceased to be. Dancing with Evo. 2nd ER visit. Australia Day. Military cargo plane.

I really need to practice writing again…

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