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El Duende: Day 44 (21/12/12)

I wake up in the jungle. Today is the end of the world, the end of an era, or just a day to reflect. I walk out to an opening that reveals a view fit for such a day. Yesterday Styx, Lo-Arna, and I were led up a mountain to this spot by el Duende. El Duende’s real name is Gonzo, he’s Guatemalan ex-Special Forces, a friend of Styx. These jungles were his home for many years and in many ways still are. He carries a machete and a revolver in his waist band. We only discover in the morning that the machete is only for the animals, while the gun is reserved for possible human encounters. I’m assured by el Duende’s unshakeable confidence that holds at nearly 60 years old. The morning is grey and el Duende knows it will rain soon. The snakes will come out to hunt once the rain begins. We make our way back to El Remate. We have woken up in nature and we have made our way back into civilization. The overcast skies are welcomed today even though they have moved us from our temporary mountain home. They make the town calm. We arrive back at el Duende’s bar and take a seat. It begins to rain.


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