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Temple IV: Day 41 (18/12/12)

Lo-Arna and I sit atop temple IV in Tikal. It is one of the tallest temples of all the Mayan ruins standing at 70 meters. Constructed around the 8th century it was built for the reign of Yik’in Chan Kawil. People Skype their families on iPhones from the height of this ancient giant while others take photographs with cameras whose lenses stretch from them to their subjects. Many are exhausted from the hike up a rest their bums on the dusty stone steps. I hear one woman say she has never realized she was afraid of heights until now. I think of my mother’s vertigo. Despite the activity Lo-Arna looks at me and comments on how quiet it is up here and she is right. Maybe the history consumes the present or even odder, maybe the gods that ruled these parts smooth out the knots of modern life that tense my shoulders. There is a tranquility that stretches over the jungle and these temples. It exists despite other’s distractions. Lo-Arna and I continue our discussion on life as we look over the landscape. She then proposes we sing a tune.


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