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El Niño: Day 38 (15/12/12)

El Niño rides. Styx and I are now on the roads of Guatemala in the truck which sends small children chasing after us in glee. A Mayan mask is strapped onto the front grill along with flashing lights and a camo net. The front and sides are decked in graffiti. The trucks size is only increased by the impressive roof rack stacked with gear. Military blockade take on scared faces until they see the two lanky gringos in the front seats. Styx lets me drive into the night. Road rules are different here. When you decide to pass, cars make way for you, especially in this truck. Tumultos appear without warning bringing one’s speed from 80km/h to 0km/h. Dog bring their skeleton bodies onto the road, leaving your path within seconds of collision. We listen to De La Soul and Cat Empire, enjoying the flavours they bring to our drive. We hope to make it to Flores tonight. We already made one detour.


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