Smoke Long Stories

San Pedro: Day 37 (14/12/12)

You wake up to Guatemalan songs playing through the walls. It’s 5am and someone is commencing their daily work. You find a way to forget the sounds and drift off again.


Junior, Marina, and yourself are the only ones awake. Marina is cooking while Junior in releasing his inexhaustible energy. You sit and try to study before a plate ends up in front  on you. The food is always good. It is yet another beautiful day in San Pedro, as they always seem to be, but it’s your last. It still amazes you how the sounds of the neighbourhood seem to live within the walls of the home.


Juan Marcos proclaims he’s “the best in the world” once more. You tell him that you haven’t had many language teachers yet, but he might make the top of the list thus far. You as yourself if that’s true as your hand connects with his. You thank him; it has been an education. You step out onto the active streets of San Pedro to rush home and grab your things and leave. A tuk tuk rushes by.


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