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Moto: Day 28 (04/12/12)

I’d seen it done before in countries around the world and would normally laugh considering its impressive, yet idiotic, nature. Alas, there I was, on a motorcycle with three other people. Clemente driving with the two boys, Clemen and Junior, strategically placed between me and the front handlebars. I was holding a basketball with one hand as I held onto bike with the other. The children thought nothing of it as we darted through busy streets. Though we did not go fast, stray dogs and other various objects would make their way between us and our destination . I was thankful we didn’t have far to go as the stupidly of the action didn’t enter my elusive brain till I was on the back of the bike. I briefly remember back to how scrapped up I got a few years back when I fell off the moped in India. And then we were home. The kids hurried to the door to see Mama as I shook out my legs.


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