Smoke Long Stories

Kitchen View: Day 27 (03/12/12)

I sit at the kitchen table looking out onto a view which a photography would only partially capture. Marina is cooking something wonderful, or at least it smells wonderful. Junior is seeking attention with a spatula in hand while Clemen is downstairs quietly watching television. The kind patriarch, Clemente, is out guiding in the hills and Estebon, the oldest, is with friends. It’s vacation time. A suitable introduction for the Mayan family I’m staying with on Lake Atitlan; a tranquil escape from the gringo laden main streets. Fresh air blows onto my face from off the mammoth lake which is calm, but swelled like the ocean only yesterday. We are resting at the bottom of a volcano. As one tourist said to me, “You’re lucky you’re leaving before the Mayan calendar ends.” However, for now I believe this will be a fitting temporary home.


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