Smoke Long Stories

Hector’s: Day 22 (28/11/12)

Their home was loud, demanded attention,
Wanted more sex, more booze, more food, more noise.
TVs, computers, and voices competed, as did gender, sexuality, and personality.
The food that was cook was bold,
But oh so good, causing greasy bellies to always be full.
The music was accompanied with wavering, passion filled, harmonies
Each note eventually making its way to the next.
But there was a more immediate vibration in the air.
Sound was only a distraction. A distraction from the love that sat in this shared flat.
In reality the calls for attention were tender
Every action produced was a token that could be grabbed from the bottom of a stream.
There was a constant flow of give and take.
They all wanted love, they all gave love, they all took love.
One could call their home “The Cornucopia,” which is just a suggestion.
When they watched movies it would be in one bed.
When they went out it would be together.
When they made jokes it would be about each other.
When sex was brought up, as it so often was, they would all excite with one another.
Kisses, hugs, and high-fives were necessary for most occurrences
And as good friends do they helped each other procrastinate.
They needed each other and even more.
This showed similar to the face of a shitty liar.
They wont need each other forever, but for now they do,
Which is just fine, because it is love.


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