Smoke Long Stories

Welcomed Mystery: Day 17 (23/11/12)

Ross and Reed bring me over the border and to the Tijuana central bus station. A bus to Mexico City is about to leave. I quickly get some pesos out from an ATM to buy the ticket and rush to my bus. I thank Ross and his brother and exit through the gate. Three hours later I’m being called to the front of the bus. I grab my stuff. I’m unsure what they want and figure they might put me on another bus. I rush up to the front. The man who takes the tickets hands me my debit card. I can’t remember taking it back out of the machine when I took out the cash in the station earlier.  How they’ve got it back to me, nearly 300km from Tijuana, I have no idea; it is a welcomed mystery. I slowly walk down the aisle back to my seat at the very back of the bus. I take my seat and sit there stunned as I put the card back in its proper place in my wallet.

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