Smoke Long Stories

The Turkey: Day 12 (18/11/12)

I pick up the turkey by its two legs and try swinging it in a large circular upwards motion, but it’s too heavy. Fred tells my just to pivot in a few circles instead; this will disorient the bird and get its blood rushing faster. I follow his instructions and after I complete spinning I carry the upsidedown turkey over to a stump. We put the turkey’s neck between two nails in the top of the stump. Noah holds the turkely’s head down and I keep the body still. The kids and Candice are in the house. I thank the turkey. Fred centers the axe, raises it over his head and brings it down on the turkey’s neck. The axe makes it halfway through the flesh, but the neck is surely broken. The next swing is a clean cut and I drag the carcass onto the ground. The headless body lays on its back kicking its feet to the sky as blood drains from the neck. My own heart is rapidly pumping, but I have a head on my body to keep the blood in. We later gut and feather the bird. The whole experience is intense, but there is not as much blood as I expected.

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