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Blue Light: Day 7 (13/11/12)

Roberto picks me up after the sun has gone down. I’ve been waiting at a gas station three hours north of San Francisco. He has bought me a small Coke and some fries. His belly is large and his accent in thick. The inside of his semi is covered in garbage and gear, but this Mexican truck driver has a welcoming demeanor. His truck seems to be in rough condition, hut he’s offered to bring me to the Bay Area. He tells me about his family as he handles a burger that sits in Styrofoam on his lap. I wonder if he was clean shaven when he started on the road; it’s been a hard run for him and he’s behind schedule. He still picked me up though. After about an hour of driving he looks at me with a questioning eye. “Do you believe in aliens man? Like U.F.O.s?”

I tell him that I don’t not believe in alien and then ask him about the nature of his query. Roberto starts telling me about his experiences and I just listen.

Roberto first noticed the small blue light in the sky about a year and a half ago. It was not a star or satellite because it moved with him. Followed him wherever he drove his truck. He was being watched. He explains how he was scared at first, but now has just accepted their presence. Now all he has to do is wave at the light in the sky and they’ll flash different coloured lights back at him. I continue to ask questions and he continues to tell me stories. He recounts the time his semi got stuck in a rut. His back end was going nowhere until he decided to enlist the help of his watchmen. They came in the form of a red and orange orb of light and slowly sank under his truck. He returned to the cab and put his foot to the gas pedal as he had done before with no progress. He describes how his truck glided out of the rut as if he were on flat ground.

He tries to point out the blue light to me. I lean forward, peering through the front pane of glass. I can only see what I believe is a satellite that does happen to have a blueish tone. I continue to stare until he tells me to stop. He’s nervous that he told me. I was looking at them for too long.

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