Smoke Long Stories

Questions: Day 4 (10/11/12)

Keegan asks a lot of questions? “What’s your dream job?” or “What’s your favorite ethnic cuisine?” He is genuinely interested in everyone’s answers. Each inquiry is asked with a childlike hesitance and innocents. I make sure my answers are well thought out.

It seems to me questions are normally reserved for either surface relationships, an introduction, or close relationships, while laying with a partner in bed. Keegan breaks these rules. A rule that you’d break at summer camp or sleep overs when you were able to escape. I’d like to believe we need to ask more questions of our friends, even if it’s as silly as “What is your favourite colour?” You never know when you might not be able to ask these questions again and really, how else are you going to get to know your friends better.


I bike around Portland in the rain and visit the market. The rain soaks my jeans, but I don’t mind.

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